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Brake Line Kit-GM Caliper


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Def Aaia Part Type Description : Front and Rear Shocks/Control Arms/Axle Shafts/Frame Stiffeners/Brake Lines Kit
Product Description Extended : GM Caliper 14” metric brake line kit are made of braided?stainless steel which is much stronger and more abrasion resistant then rubber hoses, and use a -3AN fitting on the frame side. ?Kits include caliper adapters and seal washers.
Hazardous Material Codeyn : N
Item Level gtin : 8.88E+11
Item Level gtin Qualifier : UP
Brand Aaiaid : BJDF
Aces Applications : N
Item Quantity Size :
Item Quantity Size Uom :
Container Type :
Quantity Per Application Qualifier : NOR
Quantity Per Application : 4
Quantity Per Application Uom : EA
Minimum Order Quantity : 1
Minimum Order Quantity Uom : EA
Part Terminology Id : 14735
Emshazremission Code :
Hsb Shipharmonized Tariffcode scheduleb :
Lif Shiplife Cycles Tatuscode : 2
Lisship Lifecycle Status Description : Ready to Order
Msdhazrmsds Sheet Number :
msrhazrmsds Required Flag : N
Nafshipnaftap Referencecriterion Code :
Npcstok National Popularity Code :
Npdstok National Popularity Description :
Ref Part Refurbished Part :
Rempartre Manufactured Part :
Wd1 retn Warranty Distance :
Wd2 retn Warranty Distance Uom :
Ws1 retn Warranty Special :
Ws2 retn Warranty Special Uom :
Wt1 retn Warranty Time :
Wt2 retn Warranty Time Uom :
Attribute id Type :
Padb Attribute :
Attribute Uom :
Attribute data :
H25 Ea smallest pack Consumer Level : 4
H30 Ea smallest pack Consumer Level : 5
H35 Ea smallest pack Consumer Level : 7
H45 Ea smallest pack Consumer Level : 1
H40 Ea smallest pack Consumer Level : IN
H46 Ea smallest pack Consumer Level : PG